Tools and Tips to Help You Run Your Digital Marketing Business From Anywhere!

Breath of the Wild is a new Zelda game from Nintendo that has launched to incredibly rave reviews. What’s so popular about it? Partly what makes it such a hit is the incredible open world on display and the way that this is married with a wondrous sense of adventure and discovery. This is a game that has you cooking apples by the fire for sustenance and then climbing hug cliff faces the next day, before facing off against monsters.

What if life was like that?

Well, a lot of savvy internet marketers (and other self-employed individuals), have found a way to make that dream a reality. By working online as a ‘digital nomad’, it is possible to work from anywhere, all while exploring the world and going on countless adventures. This might mean meeting people in bars and having amazing conversations over drinks while the sea laps against the shore, or it might mean typing away in a bar in a foreign country, listening to music and watching the world go by on the cobbled streets outside.

And sometimes, it means scaling a mountain and cooking apples…

The only problem is trying to balance the adventure and excitement with the fact that you have to actually get work done. Here are some tips and tools that will help…



Get Slack

One of the advantages to being within close proximity to clients is the way that you can discuss issues as they crop up, and the way that you can have a laugh and forge relationships. This is lost when you work online, but the messaging app called ‘Slack’ goes some way to bringing it back.

The idea of Slack is essentially ‘WhatsApp for business’. You can create groups from people you know and then participate in conversations, or you can message individuals just to ask a question or tell a joke.

Try Asana

Meanwhile, for managing larger projects, Asana is another incredibly useful tool. This will allow you to see multiple ongoing projects and discuss them with other people assigned to the same jobs. It’s a great way to collaborate with a large team and also just to keep on top of lots of jobs you have at once for yourself!

Use World Time Buddy

This is the one and only world clock you will need. Available both as an app, and as a website.

Getting the Balance Right and Enjoying the Trip

Remember: when you are exploring and seeing the world, there’s no need to earn a massive wage. The aim is to earn as much as you need to travel, plus a little extra as a safety net.

But don’t stress too much about having to work. Another good tip is to find ways to make work more enjoyable. Finding a beautiful spot to work in is one good example of doing this. It’s not so bad submitting links when you’re doing it from the top of a mountain!