Cool Tech for Internet Marketers

Want to get better at what you do, work faster and charge more?

Then it’s time to upgrade your tech and to create a work set-up that you truly look forward to using and that will help you to get more done in less time. Let’s take a look at some of the best tech and hardware you should look into as an internet marketer…

A Surface Pro (Or Similar)

The Surface Pro 4 is a computer that seems hand-built for internet marketers and that is absolutely perfect for them in many ways.

For one, Surface Pro devices are incredibly light and easy to carry around. This means you can throw one in a bag and take it on a trip with you without it weighing you down. It’s also ideal for working out of coffee shops.

Then you have the kickstand and removable keyboard, that means you can detach your Surface Pro when using it at home in order to watch YouTube on it while you cook. Or how about the pen, which is perfect for signing PDF documents or sketching up designs for websites and logos?

The screen is beautiful and tall thanks to its unique aspect ratio and this is ideal for multitasking too.

A Powerful Computer

Meanwhile, it also pays to have something a bit beefier for working at home. My recommendation is an i7 processor that can be overclocked to at least 3GHz, as well as a GPU such as one of the new GTX 10 series. Throw in a big harddrive and 16GB of RAM too. This will give you all the horsepower you need for multitasking and for using more demanding software like Blender. More importantly, it will make working fast and fun and mean you can output to a 4K display, or an ultrawide monitor. Studies show that a larger screen can boost productivity!

The Right Keyboard and Headphones

Anyone who writes often for a living should look into getting a keyboard that has mechanical switches. This will speed up your writing, as well as giving you a more satisfactory typing experience. Look for cherry MX blue switches for the optimum experience.

Also important is to look for the right headphones which should be noise cancelling to help fully immerse you in what you’re doing.

Why This Matters

You might think that all this is just a luxury and a waste of money but the reality is far from it. Having more technology makes you feel more capable and allows you to create more professional end products with better end results. You’ll end up feeling like more of a professional and you’ll look forward to working more. You’ll be able to edit 4K video, create 3D games and generally expand your capabilities. This is an amazing investment and once you make it, you will quickly see how this can transform your experience of working as well as the quality of your output. If you want to accumulate, you must be willing to spend.